The Prism Concerts
*What is a Prism Concert?

An interactive concert in which the different participating groups rotate sets
throughout the night, allowing the audience to encounter each group on several
different occasions/moods throughout the evening.  The music is continuous and
the performers are set up in different positions throughout the space.  Each
position rotates sets according to the number of groups/positions and length of
concert.  Individual set lengths generally never extend longer than 20 minutes and
the programming and presentation of the rotation should create a space and
atmosphere that is welcoming and interactive.  The performers collaboration and
interaction within this space and atmosphere creates the setting for each concert.
If you have a suggestion, an idea, or would like to be involved, contribute, perform, speak, converse, interact, know of a venue that you think would work well for a Prism Concert, please send them to: nick<at>